Imagine Person A of your OTP really getting attached by how warm Person B makes the bed when they fall asleep together/cuddle so when Person B comes home from some trip Person A yells at them because their bed was so cold. 

Imagine  your OTP dancing to their wedding song. Person A has picked the song as a surprise for person B. Person B has no idea what to expect from the song, but the song turns out to encapsulate their relationship perfectly.

Imagine Person B of your OTP getting a pet for Person A, but soon became jealous of the pet for getting so much of Person A’s attention. 

Imagine your OTP as Bonnie and Clyde, always on the run but still together. Extra points if they end up dying together, too.

Imagine your OTP going into Build-A-Bear and making bears that look like each other.

Imagine your otp playing Twister and getting kind of touchy-feely.

Imagine your OTP are both teachers and are in the janitor’s closet during the school’s Halloween party.  Person A is holding B close to them and is about to kiss the latter to make them blush when a couple of their pupils whip open the door because the Halloween Hide ‘N Go Seek games began.

Imagine Persons A and B of your OTP are in arranged marriages with other people. Their legal partners are very nice people, but they have little to no romantic interest in each other. Then Person A and B meet, and rapidly fall in love; though they have to act loyal to their married partners in public, their partners help to cover for A and B so that they can have an extramarital relationship.

Imagine your OTP going grocery shopping and arguing about which flavour of ice cream to get.

Imagine your OTP attending one of their families’ family reunion.