tw: Death

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Imagine Person A of your OTP having a lot of tattoos across their body. Person A and B are in bed for the first time, and A usually wears tunics and long pants to cover up the tattoos because they’re nervous of what B will think of them. When they’re both naked, Person B stops to admire the tattoos, running their lips along each and every one of them.

Imagine person A of your OTP realizing they have to win over person B’s pet.

Imagine your OTP having sex in a public bathroom. As Person A starts to reach the climax, they hear someone walk in and person B covers Person A’s mouth to keep them from getting caught as the stranger uses the restroom.

Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight. 

Imagine Person A of your OTP dancing alone in their room to some embarrassing song. Person B walks in on them eventually; Person A turns bright red and starts mumbling some lame excuse. Person B just laughs, shakes their head, and pulls Person A into a dance for both of them.

Imagine your OTP always taking the same bus home after work. The relationship sparks when one day, Person A works up the courage to sit next to that stranger who keeps catching their eye and start talking to them.

Imagine your OTP cuddling on the couch while a massive blizzard rages on outside.

Imagine your OTP as Olympic ice dancers. They have the time of their lives on the ice. When they finish their performance, both go to sit and wait for their scores, holding each other with fingers crossed. When it is announced that they have gotten the highest score of the night and will be receiving a gold medal, both jump up, the crowd going wild as Person A grabs Person B and kisses them victoriously. Later that day, they attend the medal ceremony, holding hands on the podium while whatever their anthem is plays, tears in their eyes.

Imagine Person A finding out they like having their hair pulled during intimate moments. Person B then uses this to their advantage at any given opportunity.